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Was Andy Warhol a hoarder? Did Einstein have autism? Was Frank Lloyd Wright a narcissist?

In this surprising, inventive, and meticulously researched look at the evolution of mental health, science journalist Claudia Kalb gives readers a glimpse into the lives of high-profile historic figures through the lens of modern psychology, weaving groundbreaking research into biographical narratives that are deeply embedded in our culture. From Marilyn Monroe's borderline personality disorder to Charles Darwin's anxiety, Claudia provides compelling insight into a broad range of maladies, using historical records and interviews with leading mental health experts, biographers, and other specialists. Packed with intriguing revelations, this smart narrative brings a new perspective to one of the hottest topics in today's cultural conversation.

Praise for Andy Warhol Was a Hoarder

“With keen insight and a writerly flair, Claudia Kalb, one of the nation's preeminent science journalists, has written a book that is at once profound and a great deal of fun. She takes us on an engrossing and original journey into the minds (and, yes, the madnesses) of some of history's most intriguing figures. Kalb explores nothing less than the mysteries of genius and individuality.” —Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize winning author of American Lion
“A brilliant and fascinating journey into the perils that so often accompany genius. Spell-binding.”  —Edward Hallowell, M.D., co-author of Driven to Distraction
“With a sharp eye but forgiving, deep-seated sense of humanity, Claudia Kalb takes us into the netherworld where emotions make (and break) extraordinary figures, from Marilyn Monroe to Albert Einstein. Compelling, intriguing, surprising, and fun." Evan Thomas, author of Being Nixon
Andy Warhol is not only a fun and engaging read. It also reminds us of something that can't be said enough: even people of great accomplishment, who are adored and admired by the world, who experience great joy, and who feel immense satisfaction in their contributions to humankind can nevertheless suffer from a devastating mental disorder. With the stigma attached to mental illness still keeping people from seeking help, this is an immensely important message. Sharon Begley, Senior Science Writer, STAT
“Claudia Kalb uses insights about the great men and women of history to animate today’s most gripping mental health headlines … A wonderful book.”  —Robin Marantz Henig, New York Times Magazine contributing writer and President, National Association of Science Writers